One of the most famous sporting events today is the Universiade. It is a kind of a cultural and sporting event that is held every two years in different areas of the world. The event is rated second after the Olympic Games and is followed with keen interest in many parts of the world. The summer Universiade is composed of 14 sports that are compulsory. Similarly, the number of optional sports is three. These optional sports are selected by the country which is hosting the event.

Common sports that are played in Universiade

There are a lot of sports that are played in Universiade such as:





Water polo

Table tennis


Gymnastics Artistic

Key facts related to Universiade

There are many interesting facts associated with Universiade such as it is the only summer event in the world today which is committed towards connecting the students on both athletic as well as academic levels. In twelve days of sporting competitions, more than 9000 athletes from all over the world (more than 170 countries) compete against each other in different sports. The beauty of the tournament lies in the fact that the participants as well as the volunteers are students, and most of them fall in the same age bracket. The event is broadcasted live and around 100 television channels cover it.

The Organization

Administrative Tools

The administrative and logistical issues related to the event are looked after by the Summer Universiade Department.

The department is the main link as far as international sports federations, organizing committees and delegations are concerned.

The Impact of Universiade

Since Universiade is a sporting event it has a considerable impact on the lives of the student athletes that participate in this tournament. The headings mentioned below give a brief description of the impact which Universiade creates in the lives of university athletes.

Universiade is one of the greatest sports competitions of the world. It is an event where students get to show off their skills on the field and win a few games for their team. Playing sports can really enhance the academic performance of the students. This is not a general statement rather there are a lot researches that support this argument.

The Universiade is an event where many different kinds of events are held and each event is different from the other. There are some things that are the participants in the Universiade learn from the event and they are Effective communication and team synergy. All of the games in this event require a lot of cooperation and that is why it is important learn both of the things.

Health and fitness are two of the most important things for any sportsman. Both of these things are highly required in the Universiade too. The Universiade is an event which promotes healthy activities. All the participants in the event have to be physically fit so that they are able to perform well.

The Universiade has many positive impacts on the life of a person, this event tries to bring many different changes to a person and one of them is to make the person more confident. It is important for any athlete to become mentally strong and physically fit. Both of these things can be achieved with the help of the Universiade.

Sports is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax, a person who plays sports find the game to be a good way to divert his mind and that helps to relax. The Universiade is an event where many different games are held. That is why all the participants are able to find content in whichever game they play.


There is a general awareness in the world with regards to the fact that sports should be promoted among the students of today. Especially with video gaming consoles nowadays, the level of physical activity and sports is decreasing. Universiade is a step towards greater involvement in sports and the event is the main force behind the promotion of sports among students. If you want to know more about Universiade, check out this article by Wikipedia.