2015 summer universiade was held in the city of Gwangju, South Korea from 3 July to 14 July 2015. The event was a big success. Many tournaments were held, and players showed their best of performances. Near about 143 nations marked their presence in the event with 12,885 athletes competing for the glory. The motto of the universiade was ‘Light up Tomorrow’, and it, surely, added new sparkles to the glory of all the athletes.

The event started with great enthusiasm and ended with equal sportsmanship. Every country and each player played with amazing sportsmanship, keeping the dignity of the game. The star of the event came out to be South Korea. The country rolled 108 medals in its court. Though Russia succeeded in the medal tally, all the best performances went in the favour of South Korea. The country was the top-most gold snatcher with 47 gold medals.

There are many reasons why South Korea is the biggest success of the tournament:

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Surpassed The Expectations

Success is when you do the expected and miracle is when the unexpected happens. South Korean fraternity targeted for nearly 25 gold medals for themselves. But they finished with almost double the set target. They performed in a way which was a surprise to even themselves. Not only they played with honesty and dignity but also, they helped in maintaining the entire smoothness of the event.

Best Performance Till Now

The Gwangju Universiade has witnessed the best performances of South Korean athletes till the event. South Korea has participated in various international tournaments and events and showed good performances. But, by far, being a host proved lucky for them as this universiade became their biggest achievement. For the first time, they got the first position amongst all the countries and proved their worth to the world.

The Gold Chase

Acquiring 47 gold medals is not a cakewalk. The athletes must have emptied their last blood drop to climb the top podium. Following are the events that witnessed the best performances by South Korean athletes:

  • Archery: 14 medals in total with 8 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze positions
  • Badminton: Winner of all the badminton events, South Korea bagged 9 medals in badminton with 6 gold
  • Fencing: 8 medals in tally with 2 gold, 2 silver, and 4 bronze
  • Judo: Quite a number, 15 medals came in the favour of South Korean Judo team. 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals summed up their 15-medal haul in the sport.
  • Taekwondo: The country topped the Taekwondo chart too with 8 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals, taking the tally to 15.
  • Tennis: The team also played well in tennis, grabbing 3 gold and each of silver and bronze medals.

The overall performance of South Korean athletes was at par with the best-said countries in sports. It competed with full spirit and came out with flying colours. Hope the country will repeat its success in forthcoming events too!