Universiade is regularly held tournament which can be termed as mini Olympic as well. The participants in the tournament are students belonging to different universities of the world. There are a lot of studies which you can find on the internet telling us that how a sport makes us physically as well as mentally fit. The studies clearly tell us that tournaments like Universiade are important for the students of today.

Universiades community

Summer Universiade Shenzhen 2011

The tournament also has a fair following in the audience as well which means that it is also necessary in terms of entertainment. We will not simply discuss the general benefits of sports here rather on the contrary we will see what unique benefit each sport involved in Universiade provides to the participants.

The general reason behind the organization of such kind of a tournament is to promote sports among the students. The tournament is certainly one of the best ones out there. There are many types of sports that can be found in Universiades and many people from around the world can take part in all the different kinds of sports.


According to some circles, archery is nothing more than a stationary sport, however the fact of the matter is that competitive archers do learn to develop focus, strength and endurance from the sport. Some unique benefits which the participants of Universiade gain from archery are as follows

  • It results in the enhancement of strength as far as the upper body is concerned
  • It teaches the art of balancing the human body
  • Hand and eye coordination can be best learnt through archery
  • The sport requires serious concentration, which results in strong mental focus


Initially badminton was not the part of Universiade, however the sport was incorporated in the tournament in 2007. Both men and women can play the sport in doubles and singles matches. The benefits associated with badminton are as follows

  • 450 calories per hour can be burnt through badminton
  • Reflexes and speed get faster through badminton
  • Muscle tone gets increased through badminton
  • Stress and anxiety can be reduced through badminton
  • Since badminton involves a lot of movement, the sport results in greater flexibility of the body


Though not a mandatory sport in Universiade, it was played in some events. It is expected that baseball will be very much present in the tournament which will be held in 2017. The benefits associated are as follows

  • The sport is good for heart and results in cardiovascular training
  • The game surely increases arm strength
  • The game has the ability to involve all the important muscle groups as far a player’s legs are concerned, resulting in stronger legs
  • A person weighing 160 pounds can burn around 365 calories per hour by playing baseball


Basketball is being played in Universiade since the year 1959. Later on Women were also allowed to participate in the sport in the year 1961.

  • It is one of the best social sports which teaches participants the art of how to be a team player
  • One hour of basketball can result in burning around 750 calories
  • It helps in the building endurance
  • It helps in the improvement of coordination as well as balance
  • It results in self-discipline as well as development of concentration
  • It also results in muscle build up


Cycling has served as an optional sport in Universiade. It was played during the tournament of 1983 and 2011. BMX cycling and Mountain Bike events were specially introduced for the tournament of 2011.

  • Cardiovascular fitness gets enhanced through cycling
  • It increases the level of flexibility as well as the strength of the muscles
  • Joint mobility gets enhanced through cycling
  • The fat level of the body also decreases


Fencing has been a regular feature of Universiade since the year 1959. Not many people know that fencing results in following benefits:

  • Fencing improves the body flexibility
  • It enhances the reflexes
  • Focus and concentration get improved through fencing
  • It helps in boosting mental strength
  • Helps in body shaping
  • It helps in learning the art of strategic thinking
  • It assists in learning the art of quick decision making

The sports involved in Universiade result in many health benefits for the participants. Secondly, these sports also help in the development of skills that are required in every facet of life. Universiade is certainly an important tournament and its importance cannot be negated. These were only a few of the benefits that are associated with the Universiade. It is important for a person to understand the importance of sports. All the sports that are included in the Universiade require ultimate fitness. As a result, all the players of the universiade are mentally and physically fit.