The Universiade is a tournament which has been held since the year 1923. The tournament has been a success and has produced some of the most wonderful athletes of our time. The main goal of the tournament is to promote love and harmony among different students of the world belonging to different countries, and also to encourage a general environment of sports. The last Universiade was held in the year 2015, and its venue was Gwangju.

Like its predecessors, the tournament was an instant success. In this article we will try to see what really contributed to the success of 2015’s Universiade.

Since the sports in Universiade require a lot of energy as well as time, initially people thought that this would distract the students from their education. However, this was not true. On the contrary students who participated in Universiade showed significant improvement in their academic performance.

Gwangju Opening Ceremony

The Beginning

The tournament initially had some serious setbacks and the biggest setback was that North Korea refused to participate in the events. However most of the other countries did not show any kind of resentment to this, and apart from North Korea, athletes from different countries of the world did participate. The tournament was organized perfectly by the 30,000 members of the organizing committee and 20,000 volunteers.

The Reasons Behind the Success

gold medalMost of the people are of the view that the key reason behind the success of the tournament was the performances that were seen by the audiences watching. Particularly the host country, i.e. South Korea, stands out in this regard. The country was able to win 47 gold medals and their total medals amounted to 108. Apart from South Korea, other countries of the world also performed well. The tournament was well covered by TV channels and the audiences watched with key interest. At times it was difficult to distinguish whether one was watching Universiade or the actual Olympics.

MarketingThe overall marketing of the tournament was also very well executed. The importance of marketing and advertising cannot be denied in today’s world. The marketing aspect plays a key role as far as generating interest among the public is concerned. Everything was well planned with regards to marketing. The logo of the tournament  i.e. “Wings of Light,” and the slogan “Light Up Tomorrow” really touched the hearts of the audience. People were actually feeling a strong attachment to the tournament. The strong attachment resulted in record-breaking crowds, which of course played a serious role in the overall success of the tournament.

The athletes were well taken care of during the tournament, and no stone was left unturned as far as the overall security of the participants was concerned. All the venues within which different sports were conducted were well structured, and the management was very well done. The sporting venues that were used in the tournament were

  1. Gwangju Universiade Main Stadium
  2. Gwangju University Gymnasium
  3. Yeomju Gymnasium
  4. Yeomju Indoor Aquatics Center


The tournament of 2015 is over now and it was surely a big hit. Now we need to see what is coming up next. The next Universiade will be held in 2017 in Taipei.

Let’s see how that tournament turns out. The tournament is highly enjoyable especially if you are a person who is into sports. There are many different games that can be seen at the Universiade, and that is why there is very little chance that you will get bored.

Gwangju 2015 Mascot