The Universiade To Look Forward to This Year

The 2015 Universiade was indeed a successful tournament and South Korea really hosted the tournament to the best of their ability. The 2015 tournament is over now and in 2017, we have another Universiade Tournament coming in the month of August. Yes, the Universiade tournament of 2017 will be held in Taipei. The athletes have already started preparing, and people are anxiously waiting for the beginning of this wonderful event.

The Competition

There was a serious competition with regards to who will get the hosting rights for the event. The countries who applied for the hosting rights were Brazil and Taiwan. After a long process, Taiwan actually won the race and it has been officially announced that Taipei will conduct the tournament.

The 2017 Universiade Mascot

Taipei 2017 mascot
Taipei 2017 mascot

It has been declared that the mascot of the tournament will be a Formosan Black Bear by the name of Bravo. The mascot m will be wearing a gold medal. Of course the gold medal signifies victory. The mascot is basically a representation of self-challenge and striving for excellence.

The 2017 Universiade Logo

Taipei 2017 Logo
Taipei 2017 Logo

All the tournaments of Universiade have an official Logo. For this tournament the official logo is Bei which is a Chinese character meaning north.

The basis of the Logo is the letter “U” which stands for Universiade, University and United. The philosophy of inspirational vigor is promoted by the logo especially, for the younger generation. The rhythmic shapes of the logo signify the pursuit of excellence in Taipei.

The logo is composed of 5 different colors and all these colors represent friendship and harmony. The main message which the logo gives is that games should make this world a better and more secure place.

The Sponsors

Several big names have sponsored this tournament such as

A popular German Car company

A popular German Car company

China Airlines

china airlines

It is the largest airline company of China

chunghwa telecom

It is the largest telecommunication company currently operating in China


eva air

It serves as the international airline of China

Uni-President Enterprises Corporation

uni president

It is a famous food conglomerate of Taiwan

The Sports

The sports that will be played this year will be very much the same. The games that will be played are


Archery (will be held from the 20th to 24th of August)


Athletics (will be held from the 23rd to 28th of August)


Badminton (will be held from the 23rd till 29th of August, there will be a gap on the 25th)


Baseball (will be held from the 20th to 29th of August, there will be a gap on the 25th)


Basketball (will be held from the 20th till 29th of August)


Let’s see how the tournament will go, however it is predicted by many circles that it will surely be a huge success. You can know more about the gaming schedule from their official website. The website has all the information related to the tournament.