According to many people, Universiade is the second best athletic tournament in the world, after the Olympics. In this short discourse we will focus on one aspect, i.e. how Universiade is important or necessary for its participants. We will not just discuss the general benefits of sports here, but rather, we will see what unique benefit each sport involved in Universiade provides its participants. There is no doubt with regards to the fact that Universiade is important both for the participants as well as the general audience. For students, it is a source of physical fitness, and for the general audience it is a source of entertainment.

Universiades have many benefits and they can change many things. It is a known fact that universiades include many different sports, and all of these sports require the highest level of fitness from the players. Playing sports can have many positive effects, it is believed that sports can also positively affect the academic performance of a person. Many people believe that sports are damaging for academics, but that is not necessarily the case. Rather on the contrary there are many researches that proof us otherwise. The Majority of the sports played in Universiade are sound for both the mind as well as the body.

South African sprinter Akani Simbine

Universiade is the second best athletic tournament in the world, after the Olympics

Another positive impact which Universiade brings to the personality of participants is self-esteem. Doing hard work and achieving set targets really enhance the confidence level of the athlete. An athlete becomes mentally strong and he becomes so confident that he thinks that he can achieve anything in life through hard work and passion.

Universiade change lifestyle

Kazan 2013 Universiade

The administrative and logistical issues related to the event are looked after by Summer Universiade Department. The department is the main link as far as international sports federations, organizing committees and delegations are concerned. The Universiades are something that can change the lifestyle of a person, this is because it encourages sports. Sports makes the mind and body of the person well-conditioned, hence, allowing the person to do other tasks much more efficiently. It is important to understand the significance of sports as it can change the way we see things.

Universiades tend to have a positive impact on the health of a person. All of the sports in a universiade require prime physical fitness and that is what puts athletes in peak health conditions. In order to stay fit, the person must practice his or her sport a lot before he or she can take part in the Universiades.

Benefits of Sports

Scientific research today tells us that physical activity produces positive hormones in the body which means that you become optimistic and at the same time you decrease your level of stress with regular physical exercise. Full time studies with no sports at all can really damage the system of the entire body and at the same time can make a person depressed as well.

Basically, sports require three very important aspects, which are, the learning of skills, memorization and repetition. All these three things have a strong correlation to academic performance as well, because for better academic performance you need strong memorization and special skills. Sports teaches you goal-setting. This aspect of sports really can help with academic education as well.

Weightlifting Training

Universiade students generally are very clear in their professional goals and they know what strategy is required for the achievement of their goals. People involved in sports usually are more optimistic and motivated as well.

It is very much a fact that Universiade has created a difference in education. For producing better students, countries should focus on the athletic aspect of their students and perhaps the best source in this regard is participation in Universiade. The Universiade has many benefits and that is why it should be encouraged. All of the sporting events that are present there require different levels of physical and mental fitness, that is why each player is different from the other.