Light Up Tomorrow In 2015, the echo of Gwatngju will awaken the world's youth EPIC dreams carried on the Wings of Light
2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade D-DAY
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2015. 7. 3 ~ 2015. 7. 14

EPICS Joint Project with UN

  • EPICS Speakers International Mentoring Program
  • EPICS Speakers International Mentoring Program is at the center of the EPICS Project.
  • Composed of international speakers as mentors and mentees who are willing to share the vision of UNOSDP and Gwangju Universiade across the world, the program provides a tunnel for inter-generational and inter-national communication.
Inter-Korean Sports Exchanges & United Korean Team

  • Inter-Korean Sports Exchanges &
    United Korean Team
  • Formation of United Korean Team at Gwangju Universiade 2015 was first suggested as part of peace legacy program in 2009, and as to promote the proposed plan, sports exchange events were put forth to take place prior to the Universiade.
Youth Leadership Program

  • Youth Leadership Program
  • From 2013 to 2015, Gwangju will host annual YLP Asia in autumn with attempts to invite youth from North Korea in order to build friendship among leaders of tomorrow for better future.


  • Joint Gwangju-UN Program
  • The UNOSDP and the Gwangju Universiade will carry out the following three projects until 2015
  • Foreign Language Program
  • Gwangju is currently buzzing with local residents ranging from teenage to retired people learning foreign languages

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